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Hhmmmm… How to create a Blog ? First thing first what is Blog? – a regular discussion or informal website run by small group or individual. It’s like your personal journal , a place to share your thoughts, idea, your business, news and all events that are happening.

How many hours are you spending in Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc ? Sharing others website or youtube video or  articles. How about creating your own blog or website for your passion or your business? Whatttt creating my website??? wait wait there are bunch of technical stuff there !!! and I’m not a web designer … Let’s make it simple – it’s like copy and paste your content and you’re done ” You don’t need to be EXPERT and you don’t need to learn the coding language or hire web a designer”, there are lots of free drag and drop templates out there to put your content. How to create a blog is much easier than you think and the fact that the benefits of it is you can also earn from your blog… hell yeah!!! and that’s my favorite…

So, why Blog?

  • Blogging is about sharing your passion.
  • You can make money through blogging but to do that you need to put a lot of hard-work for it.
  • Tell the world about your business and find clients through the web.
  • It’s helps other what are they looking for and the best part of it is you can earn on what you shared.

Steps & Things You Need On How To Create A Blog 

  • Blogging Platform
  • Domain Name
  • Web Host

1. Choose your Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform is where you manage your blog, image, text or videos, its a back end of your website also known as CMS or content management system. The good thing is its free. Popular blogging platform like wordpress, blogger, tumbler etc. You can choose whatever you like but in my experienced I recommend WORDPRESS which I’m using for all my site. See live stats

    • Free blogging platform – You have a very limited option (No personal domain name like or which have a big impact on your visitor, no access to plugins, limited content, not secured and youre not in control. Free – its very tempting right?
    • Self-Host your WordPress blog – If you are hosting your blog, you have all the access to design your blog unlike the free platform, you have unlimited disk space, ” you have all the control”. It’s the best because you have your own domain name and web hosting. (step 2 below)

2. Choose Your Domain Name

What is domain name? It is your web address (URL) like “” – “” –  “” etc. You can select any domain name which is related to your blog, it can be your business name, events, things or your name itself. BUT, choosing domain name should be catchy, easy to remember, unique that can attract your visitor. Remember your domain name is your “first impression” so it is very significant when starting a blog.

Here are some Tips:
  • Choose domain name which is easy to type, easy to read, easy to pronounce – make it simple and concise.
  • Try to stick on letters do not put any hyphens or numbers.
  • Use keywords for better SEO rankings – You can use Google keyword planner for better result.
  • Use domain name extension like “.com”, “.net” or “.org” – or you can use the Free domain name generators in Lean Domain Search, Shopify, NameMesh
  • If you are creating blog for your business make sure that your domain name is unique and brandable.


3. Get a WEB Host

Web Host is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Without a web host any blog or site are useless. Here all your files content, photo or videos are stored for others to access it on your Blog.

  1. Ready your domain name and get started in web hosting and let start on how to create a blog. 
  2. Now, go to which I’m using for my blogs.

Why I recommend inmotion? It’s affordable $3.49/ month, free domain name, very fast live support, unlimited bandwidth, 2 website in 1 accounts with premium wordpress theme (BOLDGRID) and its very reliable.

Choose your Hosting Plan. (For a starter I recommend Launch Plan.)



Choose your Domain Name. (As I discussed earlier your domain name should be unique, catchy and brandable)


Once you registered your domain name it will redirect you to your AMP or account management panel to access your application you want to install.

Take note: On the sign up process there are options  that automatically install your wordpress application.



Install your wordpress


Note: It will take around couple of hours for your domain name to be published on the web — be patient 🙂

Once all the process are done, you can now access the back end of your blog by logging in to your wordpress account.

To login go to – www.yourdomainname/wp-admin



Excited? How to create a Blog - First select your theme design, there are tons of "free" templates design base on your blog, business or anything related to your topic. Your wordpress has a default theme but you can change it by adding new theme.




Select theme, check preview and then install and activate your new theme.

how to create a blog preview

Create Your New Blog Post & Pages – 

Posts are entries listed  in reverse chronological order, displayed in rss feed,  while pages are static and not listed and no tags or categories.

Tips: Your blog pages “must” consists of about and contact page – Discuss about you and your blog are all about.

How to create a blog? Now you know – Start your own and start making money from it. 🙂

Happy Blogging!!! God Bless!!!


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