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assive Income

We’re talking about what happens after you do the hard work, passive income received on a regular basis, with little or zero effort required to maintain it.

Let’s just say write a quality 10,000 words ebook (it’s a hard part!!!) or making a quality blog with insane adsense on it (that’s an easy part)!!! or promoting others product as affiliate (another easy part!!!) but then you get to sit back take some coffee  and enjoy seeing your account popping up on your email each morning as sale after sale after sale is made with just adding a little effort from it… Lets make it simple – Do the hard work first and let your work –  works for you…

Here’s how to “EARN” Passive Income…


ffiliate Marketing

One of the best way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. ohws Really? Yup you can earn passive income and its almost always free of charge. How much do I earn in affiliate marketing? Well it depends on your strategies, create a blog, Facebook page, promote on twitter, create a youtube videos. Easy to say but hard to do right? Did you know that you can earn from  $0 to $10,000 a month or even a day!!! Just by promoting others product for free…

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Earn passive income through blogging. Here you can integrate now your affiliate product by making your own blog. Blogging are most popular and the best marketing tools on the internet. It’s your own online store. How many hours are you spending in Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc ? Sharing others website or youtube video or  articles. How about creating your own blog or website for your passion or your business and start making money from it?

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tock Market Investment

Ordinary Juan can be investor in stock market really!!! Trading stocks could prove to be the one that gives you the highest returns. Investors in the stock market make money through dividends and capital appreciation. When a listed company declares dividends, its shareholders increase their investing power. An investor who buys into the company at a low market price and sells it at a higher price will gain capital appreciation. (Source PSE)

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