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I never thought I would invest in Philippine stock market, ti’ll I’ve met Bro. Bo Sanchez (not personally yet, but i would someday :)), now I’m a big fan of him. His Club taught me a lot, one of them is “how to invest in stock market”.
Isn’t that scary? I thought investing are for the big guys only, then I was wrong, I should have done that long time ago but its never too late, and as a result it’s AMAZING!!!

  • Zero knowledge on how it works?
  • Lost on how to begin?
  • Fear of loosing money?
  • I really don’t know how to invest in stock market!
  • And the worst part is “I don’t have millions to invest”!!! but what i didn’t know is I can start with a very small amount..ouch… 🙁

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I took my very first step… I started my investment in stock market with just 5,000 pesos only yup… just like that!!!  and for my first 2 months doing nothing my investment gained. My guide is to invest and not to trade in Philippine stock market. Trading is buying stock and selling it within a day or few days, but investing is buying stocks and selling them 1 year or never. Especially when there’s a crisis, Stocks Update will be crucial. It will prevent you from selling your stocks because of panic — and lose your money. And it will encourage you to do the very opposite — buy great companies when the prices are very low.

Philippine Stock Market  is not the way you think it is. Keep your my opened and in addition to that” its not only for rich people with tons of money to invest, no its not. It’s for every Filipinos who believes like me 🙂

Take charge of your financial future – How to Invest in Philippine Stock Market

So then, start rolling up your sleeves and ask yourself if you want to be rich? of course a BIG YES!!! its about being committed and believed that you can do it. Believe in yourself while others don’t, take action. Start small instead of learning financial wisdom through lectures, you can learn by playing the game. And one of the most important lessons you’ll learn is you always start with small deals before you go to “Big Deals”. Stock market is not complicated, just a little bit of guidance and Giant discipline. “Why long term investment should’t be in a bank”?Read more…  

Therefore, I’m gonna walk you through on how to invest in Philippine stock market. Don’t worry my site won’t ask for money or gold  (i have lots of it! joke!) , I just want to share the Blessings that I have and a little time from you to read and understand how it works for me… Cheers!!! Happy Investing… see you there!!!

and finally don’t be afraid… Believed!!!! God Bless…

Bro. Bo Sanchez : Truly Rich Club

Learn how to Invest and say "YES" to this once in a lifetime opportunity NOW!

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